Holiday Home in Clare

Welcome to Billows Annex, Spanish Point
This house was erected in 2000 and stands on the site of part of an old house which was used as a summer retreat for wealthy landowners in the 19th century. The house looks out on Mal Bay and Mutton Island where, it is said that three ships; the San Marcos, San Esteban and San Dominique from the Spanish Armada Flotilla on the run from the Battle of Gravelines, sank just off Mutton Island and Doonbeg.

The house is located only yards from the shore and is bounded by a sea wall against which the waves crash at full tide. Surfers riding a popular well known reef at the back of the house can be observed sliding down the waves whilst one is sitting in the kitchen. The house is bright and airy it has a wood burning stove ideal especially after a swim, even in summer.

There are four bedrooms, two of these have double beds, and the remaining two have single beds. There is a downstairs toilet and bedroom and the house is wheelchair friendly with just a small step at the entrances. The upstairs master bedroom has an en suite and there is a separate toilet and bathroom.

Pets are welcome and can be accommodated outside the house but are not allowed in the house. Dogs are not permitted on the local beaches between ll.00 am and 6.00 pm. Children must be supervised to remain off the sea wall at the back of the house.
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